Words of Wisdom: When Food Allergies are Your Destiny

Make sure to pin these words of wisdom or adopt this as a new mantra – no matter what food allergies you or someone you love are living with!

Heed these words of wisdom for some food allergy guidance and support!

Sometimes words, more like extended grace, is given to us when you least expect it. Sometimes words hit us several hours later and then we can fully process it. Today, I am putting those words into the internet-web-atmosphere for everyone!

I recently met with Lucas’ two pre-school teachers to discuss his food allergy emergency plan. I was able to provide them with some documents detailing when to use an Epi-pen, what a reaction looks like, verbal and non-verbal cues for allergic reactions, as well as how to use an Epi-pen.

What was the best part of this meeting? First off, they came to me with prepared documents! Whaaatt? Oh yea. They rock. Secondly, they made me feel so at ease. Both of them…in so many different ways. That my son was not a burden. That they were receptive to my suggestions and my food allergy knowledge. They were willing to tweak a few steps they take within their day to make sure my 2 year old is safe. Of course, these steps are small in the grand scheme of things, but man, do they make the biggest difference to a food allergy mom like me. Granted, the school is peanut and nut free, but in all reality, mistakes happen and you never know what the day will bring.

Let’s get to my point about words of wisdom. One of Lucas’ teachers said to me  “food allergies don’t dictate his life.” At the time, I just kinda nodded with agreement, but a few hours later, it really hit me. Food allergies do not dictate his life….food allergies do not dictate his life. Truthfully, ever since his diagnosis, food allergies have definitely dictated my life, his life and our families, but, why? Why should it? The initial diagnosis is like being hit by a hurricane, then you have the shock, the reasoning, the come down and then the management to prepare for another emergency.

I should not let food allergies dictate how Lucas lives and experiences life. Lucas should be focused on who he is when it comes to morals, character, how he treats others, life experiences and being true to his GENUINE self. He should NOT define himself as someone with a medical condition…someone who carries a label.

Darn it. It is so true. Do not let food allergies define you! Life your life according to your destiny and your own personal path. Cheers to teachers, for they not only teach our nation’s future the most important things in life, but they also extend grace and wisdom to mama’s who need it most.

Author: LRiemer

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