Turn a Pencil Case into a Stylish Epi-pen Holder

Forget that boring Epi-pen case! Head to the Walgreen’s clearance isle NOW to find this stylish clutch!

Take a look at these stylish pencil cases from Walgreen's! They are the perfect alternatives to your standard Epi-pen case!

I just had to share my recent find while shopping the Walgreen’s clearance isle!

Here’s a close up of the amazing detail!

Here's a detailed close-up of my Epi-pen alternative pencil cases from Walgreen's!

These oh-so-adorable pencil cases were on sale for $4 each, originally $8 each.

Hurry and buy these pencil cases on sale at Walgreen's! They are a perfect alternative to a standard Epi-pen case!

When I have to transport Lucas’ Epi-pen case, I either throw it in my diaper backpack  (that’s right, backpack, not diaper bag) or carry the Epi-pen case along with my wallet and keys. What a handful! But when I saw these modern, on-trend pencil cases, I just had to have them as a much more stylish alternative to my Mylan Epi-pen carrying case!

These pencil cases from Walgreen's make the PERFECT stylish Epi-pen and allergy related med holder!

As you can see, it holds plenty of allergy related items! Not to mention, you can add your other necessities like money, credit cards, make up, etc.

Take a look at my video to see how much you can truly fit!




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