Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas!

Today we celebrate Lucas.


Today, we celebrate Lucas, on his 2nd birthday. He came into this world August 27 at night…swiftly. You are a daily reminder of how complete you make our family.

Wishin you, my dear son, a very Happy 2nd Birthday! You have grown into such a sweet, go-with-the-flow little man, full of spirit, energy and such a love for your big sister. You are always learning and saying new things.

For without you, dear Lucas, I wouldn’t have the empathy and heart that I do now. Without your food allergy diagnosis, I wouldn’t be the same person. I knew you were something special, but I didn’t know how special a child of my own could unlock my heart and compassion for others even more.

I wish you nothing but joy, laughter, knowledge, love and health in 2016.

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